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Recreational Court Usage Policy

Food and Drink

Food and chewing gum are prohibited on the track or recreational courts. Drinks are permitted in a re-closable plastic bottles.


As part of the University’s campus-wide smoking policy, the Student Activity Center is a smoke-free building. Smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes are not permitted on the recreational courts or track.


Proper attire is required in order to utilize the recreational courts, specifically closed-toe, closed heel athletic shoes with non-marking rubber soles.

Court Usage

Recreational Courts that are scheduled for “free play” are available on a first–come, first-serve basis.  Volleyball and badminton nets can be set up upon request if a court is available. Activities that endanger other participants or may cause damage to the floor surface are prohibited, unless the court is reserved for that purpose and safety precautions have been taken in advance.

Care of Facility and Equipment

Equipment should only be used for the purpose for which it was designed. Patrons found misusing equipment will be asked to return it and be assessed any relevant fee for damages. Dunking is permitted on the basketball goals only during game play. Hanging on the rim is prohibited unless it is necessary to avoid injury of another participant.

Disorderly Conduct

Patrons who fail to abide by the facility policies, the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility, and state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Patrons who are violating policy will be asked to correct their behavior and if they fail to do so in a timely fashion, ejection will occur.  Individuals who are ejected or found to be trespassing in the facilities will be asked to leave immediately, or be subject to arrest by UNC Charlotte Police. Trespassers and accessories to trespassers are subject to revocation of recreational privileges and referral to the Office of Student Conduct.